Contract Manufacturing/Packing (Private label)

If you're searching for a contract food manufacturer who can help you bring your culinary dreams to life, look no further than Heavensent. We specialize in turning your existing formulas or new concepts for high-quality food products into finished products that meet the needs of your target audience. Our team is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards as per the contract manufacturing agreement, ensuring a consistent supply of top-notch products.

At Heavensent, we produce a diverse range of premium quality products for both local and overseas brands. Our Auckland-based food manufacturing and commercial kitchen facilities operate under a rigorous Food Control Plan, ensuring that our facilities meet the highest food-grade standards.

Food Safety & Quality

Heavensent Food Ltd. operates an MPI-approved Food Safety Programme, providing:

  • Excellent food safety and quality control
  • Modern equipment & facilities
  • Skilled production and packing staff
  • Medium to high-volume production
  • A passion for quality food products
  • Dedicated Gluten Free and non-gluten-free production areas

Process Capabilities

Non-viscous & viscous products

We manufacture sauces, relishes, condiments, salad dressings, vinaigrettes, fruit and vegetable chutney, sugar-free drinks, fruit juices, and other products in pouches and bottles ranging from 250ml to 20L.

Processing and packaging of dry goods

We manufacture, process, and package dry goods like vegan dry mix and dry powdered ready-to-cook products in different styles and sizes of pouches.